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Planet Pay holds the status of a National Payment Institution. We provide payment services in the area of POS terminals and E-commerce for the most popular payment methods such as payment cards, BLIK, Gpay, Apple Pay.

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Our equipment

We support the latest Verifone and Ingenico hardware platforms. We offer desktop terminals, mobile terminals, mPOS and Android POS devices, as well as the SoftPOS app for accepting transactions on your smartphone.

  • Verifone-Engage-V240m

    Verifone Engage V240m

    Verifone Engage V240m

    The V240m model in the Verifone Engage series combines the latest features, functions and operational efficiencies into one powerful and cost-effective solution.

  • Verifone-Engage-V200t

    Verifone Engage V200t

    Verifone Engage V200t

    The Verifone V200t is a versatile payment device, a desktop terminal, that will meet the needs of any business with Ethernet and GPRS connectivity.

  • Ingenico-Move-2500

    Ingenico Move 2500

    Ingenico Move 2500

    The Ingenico Move 2500 is one of the smallest mobile payment terminals convinces not only with its small size, but also with its shape and well-thought-out design.

  • Ingenico-Desk-3200

    Ingenico Desk 3500

    Ingenico Desk 3500

    The Ingenico Desk 3500 is a high-quality device equipped with a fast, large 3.2' colour display, a convenient keyboard and a powerful confirmation printer.

  • Pin-Pad-Ingenico-Desk-1200

    Pin Pad Ingenico Desk 1200

    Pin Pad Ingenico Desk 1200

    The Pin Pad Ingenico Desk 1200 is a universal device, which, thanks to its large display and enlarged keyboard (PIN pad design), will allow customers to avoid mistakes when entering a PIN code.

  • mPOS-Ingenico-Link-2500

    mPOS Ingenico Link 2500

    mPOS Ingenico Link 2500

    The mPOS Ingenico Link 2500 is one of the smallest payment terminals of the product portfolio.

  • Pinpad 1000SE Contactless

    Pinpad 1000SE Contactless

    Pinpad 1000SE Contactless

    The Pinpad 1000SE Contactless is a universal solution combining two functions: acceptance of contactless payments and approval of transactions requiring PIN code entry.

  • ingenico apos a8

    Igenico APOS A8

    Igenico APOS A8

    Intelligent POS terminal, based on the Android platform. The all-in-one technology allows for integration of the terminal with sales applications

POS terminal services

Planet Pay offers a full range of payment services. From installation to transaction settlement. We offer free devices within the framework of the Cashless Poland program and a number of free services bundled with the POS terminal.

  • Authorization and acceptance of payments
  • Installation, service and communication
  • Attractive and transparent commercial terms and conditions
  • Access to invoices, reports and settlements on our online platform
  • Instant clearance of funds from transactions
  • Terminal installation in as little as 48 hours!
  • 24/7 customer service and complaints handling

POS terminals in your bank

We enable banks to implement POS terminals to their offer under various outsourcing models. We offer the service of a POS terminal network both in the whitelabel model and as a ready-made Planet Pay product.

  • Full outsourcing of a POS product for a bank
  • Cooperation in the agency or lead model
  • Modern hardware platforms tailored to your products
  • Completion of your bank’s product portfolio
  • Optimisation of service and offer processes
  • Web portal for your merchants
Outsourcing of POS terminals
Najnowoczesniejsze rozwiazania

Integration with cash registers

Smooth transactions thanks to automatic transfer of the payment amount from the cash register or cash system to the terminal.



A service that allows customers to withdraw cash from the terminal when making card payments.

Płatności za zakupy w walucie karty

Payment for purchases in card currency

A free service that allows payment in the cardholder’s currency, providing information on the currency conversion rate.

Phone top-ups

Possibility to top up your phone from many operators in any denomination.

private data i multiaccount

Private Data and Multiaccount

Additional information to the transaction performed and the possibility of paying into multiple bank accounts.

logo na wydruku

Logo on a printout

Client’s visual identification or marketing slogan on the printout from the terminal.



Access to news and information about contracts, invoices, payments, reports and training materials.

program niskich stawek interchange

Low interchange rates program

Reduction of the commission charged on VISA and Mastercard card transactions for selected industries.

Activate online payments in your shop!

Planet Pay online payments is a modern dimension in non-cash payment acceptance. We offer a comprehensive solution wherever fast and secure payment acceptance is important.


Payment gateway

Payment gateway is a service thanks to which merchants may easily offer online payment services to their clients. Thanks to our modern tools such as Merchant API, Payment SDK, 3DS SDK and plugins for open-source solutions, we enable simple integration with your service.

Our payment gateway supports all popular payment methods:

  • Visa/Mastercard - including DCC, renewable payments, one-click and 3D Secure
  • BLIK
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Pay-by-link

Want to accept online payments? Sign up on the Planet Pay website!

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Additional services within the payment gateway

Możliwość processingu transakcji

Possibility of processing transactions

With the use of Partner’s endpoints or ITCARD (active-active connection with payment organisations)

Dostosowanie bramki płatniczej do potrzeb banku

Payment gateway adaptation to the bank’s needs

In terms of payment methods, functionality of individual platform elements and service processes

Personalizacja ekranów bramki płatniczej

Customisation of payment gateway screens

Customisation of graphic design according to the client’s needs

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Wsparcie i pomoc techniczna w ramach call-center

Support and technical assistance within the call centre

Środowisko testowe Sandbox

Sandbox test environment

Dokumentacja techniczna na potrzeby integracji i obsługi płatności

Technical documentation for integration and payment processing

Obsługa procesów back-office dla akceptanta

Handling back-office processes for the merchant

Cashless Poland program

Planet Pay participates in the Cashless Poland program. The Cashless Poland program is an initiative organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and the Polish Bank Association.

Benefits of the Cashless Poland program

  • No costs of renting a terminal for 5 months
  • * No commission fee for transactions for 5 months or up to the amount of PLN 42 000 on the terminal.
  • Free use of the terminal for the whole year

The program applies to companies that have not accepted payment card transactions in the last 12 months.

polska bezgotówkowa

Guaranteed security of transactions

We ensure constant monitoring of transactions by processing data in secure IT systems using procedures that comply with the PCI DSS standard and the requirements of VISA and Mastercard.


  • bezpieczeństwo


    Best practices and the highest standards of security of devices, information systems and procedures.

  • Certificates & Licences

    Certificates of conformity and licences to download.

  • Payment methods

    We support the most popular and modern payment methods, both online and at POS terminals or ATMs.

  • Contact Centre

    Modern multi-channel communication platform based on reliable ICT infrastructure.