Certificates & Licences

We are certified to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PCI PIN Certificate of Compliance, 3DS Certificate of Compliance

  • Processing ATM and POS plus corresponding ADVT, VpTT and MTIP tests
  • Processing eCommerce
  • Certified 3D Secure transaction processor from the issuer (ACS) and clearing agent side (3D Server v.2.2) as well as 3DS SDK libraries
  • Card transaction processing
certificates licences

  • pci pin compliance certificate

    PCI PIN compliance certificate

    The PCI PIN security standard contains the requirements for the secure management, processing and transmission of the Personal Identification Number (PIN) during the processing of online and offline payment card transactions at ATMs and POS terminals.

  • pci pin compliance certificate

    PCI 3DS compliance certificate

    The PCI 3DS security standard applies to environments where ACS, DS and/or 3DS Secure are used. The certificate ensures that we comply with applicable security regulations and procedures, and that our 3D Secure environment and operations include all the necessary components to efficiently and securely perform and process transactions using 3D Secure.

  • pci pin compliance certificate

    PCI DSS compliance certificate

    The PCI DSS security standard was developed to support and enhance cardholder data security. PCI DSS establishes and regulates consistent data security standards worldwide. This certification demonstrates compliance with the technical and operational requirements to protect account data. PCI DSS applies to all entities involved in payment card processing – including merchants, processors, clearing agents, issuers and service providers.

  • 3D Secure

    Securing online payments through the use of additional authentication methods.

  • Certificates & Licences

    Certificates of conformity and licences to download.

  • Contact Centre

    Modern multi-channel communication platform based on reliable ICT infrastructure.

  • Monitoring transakcji

    Prowadzimy stały monitoring transakcji w celu oszacowania ryzyka oszustwa.

  • KYC + AML

    We carry out anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing procedures.

  • Payment methods

    We support the most popular and modern payment methods, both online and at POS terminals or ATMs.

  • bezpieczeństwo


    Best practices and the highest standards of security of devices, information systems and procedures.

  • Settlements

    We offer complete E2E solutions, full support of back office and settlement processes and full clearance of transactions on ATM and REC self-service machines and POS payment terminals.

  • Transaction processing and authorising

    Comprehensive handling of payment transactions adapted to the needs of the bank and its clients.

  • Transaction and fraud monitoring

    We conduct ongoing monitoring of transactions in order to assess the risk of fraud.