Payment methods

We support the most popular and modern payment methods, both online and at POS terminals or ATMs.

  • Payment cards (without additional intermediary institutions)
  • BLIK
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay electronic wallets
  • Support for 3DS transactions, recurring transactions, MOTO, pre-authorisation and card-on-file
payment methods

  • logo visa


    American card company and membership organisation, one of the largest card organisations in the world as well as one of the most popular payment methods.

  • logo mastercard


    The second most popular and largest card organisation in the world. A membership organisation of more than 25,000 financial institutions issuing payment cards under the Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrus brands and logos.

BLIK payments

A system of mobile payments confirmed by a one-time six-digit code generated in the bank’s mobile application.

  • Fast and secure payments with a smartphone, stationary and online.
  • Possibility of withdrawing cash at ATMs
  • Does not require logging into the bank

Apple Pay

Modern mobile payment system offered by Apple to users of devices using iOS.

  • Payments in online, stationary and app shops
  • No account opening, card details or forms to enter
  • Secure encryption, no card data storage
apple pay

Google Pay

A fast and convenient way to pay offered by Google, allowing you to shop online, in apps and in-store.

  • Card details securely stored in your Google Account
  • No need to enter card information
  • Pay from any device logged into your Google Account
google pay

Guaranteed security of transactions

We ensure constant monitoring of transactions by processing data in secure IT systems using procedures that comply with the PCI DSS standard and the requirements of VISA and Mastercard.


  • Certificates & Licences

    Certificates of conformity and licences to download.

  • 3D Secure

    Securing online payments through the use of additional authentication methods.

  • Monitoring transakcji

    Prowadzimy stały monitoring transakcji w celu oszacowania ryzyka oszustwa.

  • KYC + AML

    We carry out anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing procedures.

  • Payment methods

    We support the most popular and modern payment methods, both online and at POS terminals or ATMs.

  • bezpieczeństwo


    Best practices and the highest standards of security of devices, information systems and procedures.

  • Transaction and fraud monitoring

    We conduct ongoing monitoring of transactions in order to assess the risk of fraud.

  • Transaction processing and authorising

    Comprehensive handling of payment transactions adapted to the needs of the bank and its clients.

  • Settlements

    We offer complete E2E solutions, full support of back office and settlement processes and full clearance of transactions on ATM and REC self-service machines and POS payment terminals.