Online payments

We are a provider of technological solutions in the area of online payment processing, both in terms of transaction processing and the back-office processes necessary to support merchants and buyers. We have over 10 years of experience in providing payment services. Our payment gateway is a modern service for merchants and a white label solution for clearing agents.

  • Own gateway to payment organisations
  • Possibility to handle processes under the E2E model
  • A modern tool to handle transactions
  • Extensive integration tools and plug-ins for open-source solutions
online payments

Full range of eCommerce transaction processing services

  • Processing and clearing of card transactions from/to payment organisations
  • Transaction processing via paywalls and mobile channels
  • Payment gateway under the white label option
  • Tools to support the authentication process in the mobile channel (3DS SDK library)
  • Support for modern methods and transaction types – including MIT and CIT
  • Tools for merchants: Merchant API, library to support the tokenisation process and payments in the mobile channel.
  • Certified 3DS Server version 2.2 with EMVCo and payment organisations
  • Support for Visa and Mastercard payments, BLIK Google Pay, Apple Pay and Pay-by-link

eCommerce platform

Our platform enables eCommerce processes tailored to the needs of our clients.

  • Automatic client on-boarding to the service (registration)

  • Processing of 3DS transactions - including on mobile applications

  • Verification of client’s KYC Transaction monitoring

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Configuration of services for the merchant and its outlets

  • Call-centre services for merchant integration and after-sales support

  • Merchant dashboard to manage the service and obtain information on transactions and funds to be disbursed

  • Update of services within the mandates of payment organisations

  • Transactions processing within the offered payment methods

  • Calculation of fees and commissions, netting, generation of invoices and reports

Guaranteed security of transactions

We ensure constant monitoring of transactions by processing data in secure IT systems using procedures that comply with the PCI DSS standard and the requirements of VISA and Mastercard.


  • atm

    ATMs and Cash Recyclers

    Full package of outsourcing services including: sale, installation, CIT, operation and maintenance of ATMs and transaction processing.

  • online payments

    Online payments

    Comprehensive online payment solutions for transaction processing and back-office processes.

  • POS terminals

    An application terminal that enables the acceptance of contactless payments directly on smartphones.

  • payment cards

    Payment cards

    Comprehensive service
    for the payment card life cycle.